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12" High Output Linkable Line Voltage and Dimmable LED


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Quick overview

12" Linear LED Cabinet Lights

120VAC input

Linkable for hard wire or plug in installations


Warm White 3000K OR Cool White 5000K

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  • High Output Linkable Line Voltage and Dimmable LED Under Cabinet and Display Case Light Strips

    Modular linking system makes cabinet installations easy with plug and play installation

    Linkable Line Voltage and Dimmable LED under cabinet lights

    With no transformer to find a place for and with the convenience of fully dimming your under cabinet lighting with a triac line voltage dimmer, these custom LED lights are sure to please. Available in two color temperatures and seven sizes, these are the lights of choice to completely customize your under cabinet project. 

    The LED lamp itself can swivel from center to left or right a full 50° For power, select from power cords or hard wiring cables or junction box. Modular cords make it so easy to connect one strip to the next. See image below.


    Note that power and link cords are sold separately as there are several options. Hard wire junction box also available.


    Installation Accessories and Options

    Power Cord with Plug.

    Power Cord with Hard wire Pigtail

    Link Cords

    Right Angle Option.

    Rocker Switch Module

    Hard Wire Junction Box.4 1/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4"

    Linkable using couplers and/or connectors 

    Fully dimmable with a standard Triac dimmer at 120VAC. No transformer required. Do not use dimmers made for LEDS. Use a standard 120VAC dimmer such as a Lutron Skylark or Diva.

    Swivel feature from center to right to left a full 50° 

    Satin anodized extruded aluminum frame 

    Operating temp 4F to 104F ambient temperature, not surface temperature. 

    Maximum continuous link, 300W from a single power source

    Very smooth light output, no spots 

    Color temperatures available: 3000K warm white or 5000K cool white

    Lengths and Power Consumption: 9 1/8" (6W); 12 1/8" (8W); 21" (14W); 28 1/2"(19W), 34" (22W); 39 3/8" (25W); 45"(29W). 

    Link cords, power cords, link cords, right angle options and switch options available in many sizes to completely customize your install. Junction Box available using modular connector. 

    3 year warranty


    High Output Lumen Data

    9 1/8" 460 lumens 3000K warm white; 465 lumens 5000K cool white 

    12 1/8" 630 lumens 3000K warm white; 645 lumens 5000K cool white 

    21" 1140 lumens 3000K warm white; 1170 lumens 5000K cool white 

    34" 1830 lumens 3000K warm white; 1875 lumens 5000K cool white

    28 1/2" 1570 lumens 3000K warm white; 1615 lumens 5000K cool white

    39 3/8" 2200 lumens 3000K warm white; 2260 lumens 5000K cool white

     45" 2515 lumens 3000K warm white; 2585 lumens 5000K cool white