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120VAC input dimmer for dimmable LED and CFL Bulbs


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Quick overview

Dimmers for LED bulbs

Specially made to work with LED light bulbs

Order Lumea Dimmers

Lumea Dimmer, White, $26.95 each;

Wall Plate $4.95 each Ivory and almond

special order, short lead time, please contact us


Line Voltage Dimmers for LEDs, CFL's and Halogen Lighting and Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

Line voltage dimmer designed for high efficacy lamps. Save even more energy by not burning lights when you aren't in the area. Cut Sheet

Lumea CL Line Voltage Dimmer for LEDs

This high quality LED dimmer is co-branded by Satco and Lutron and has been made specifically to dim your LED and CFL light sources which operate at 120VAC without flicker or noise you may have experienced in the past.. One dimmer allows you to dim a broad range of light sources. Mix and match light source types on one circuit. 

Please note that we offer this dimmer for the purpose of dimming our line voltage LED products. If you are mixing CFL's or Halogen's in to the circuit, please refer to this guide for help. We are not able to help you troubleshoot your halogen or CFL products.

  • Works with LED and CFL lamps. 
  • Can be used at single pole or 3 way locations 
  • Capacity: 150W for LED or CFL Installations or 600W 120VAC Halogens
  • Advanced dimming circuitry is designed for compatibility with most high efficacy light bulbs. 
  • Available in white, almond or ivory 
  • Optional wall plate