5 mm LED Directional Flexible LED Strips

Thin and twistable. Great for narrow spaces.

flexible led strips
flexible led strips 5mm

A-FLEX Black PCB Flexible LED Strips

are standard flex strip with a black PVC board that allows bending, some twisting, or straight-line use. Note that the LED's point toward the outside of the strip, not upwards. Interior use only.

  • Dimensions: 360mm/14.2"L x 12mm/.47"H x 8mm/.32"W
  • LED: 24 each flat top 5mm LED
  • Voltage In: 12vdc
  • Mounting: With attached 3M self adhesive tape or, the vertical plastic mount
  • Watt Consumed: 1.5 watts
  • Can be cut into 8 sections of approximately 1.77" long
flexible led strips in sign lighting

Directional Flexible LED Strips point the light in a direction.

The directional, or side view flexible LED strips are excellent for signage and cove lighting, especially for narrow or curving spaces, or slim channel letters (indoor use only please). These directional flexible LED strips use 5mm LED's

  • In stock in green, red and amber
  • Wavelength: Green 525 nM; Red 630 nM; Amber 590 nM
  • Brightness: Green 500-800 mcd/led; Red and Amber 200-300 mcd
  • LED View Angle: 120 degrees for wide coverage
  • Current draw per strip: 160 mA
  • Measures: 14.2 inches (360 mm)
  • 90 day warranty

Click to view connector wires and mounting clips for Black Flexible LED Strips. We suggest one connector wire and two mounting clips per strip. The connector wires can be used to connect one strip to another. Connect to power supply by cutting off one of the plastic pc connectors, bare the wire ends and hook up to the power supply/transformer lead wires. Please order your connector wires and mounting clips above.

Bargain Basement Priced to Clear Out

Directional Flexible LED Strips, Red, Green or Amber, 360 mm/14.2 inches long. Regularly $16.95
Mounting clips and connector wires. Click here for images