10W LED Light Bulbs: Dimmable White A-19 LED Light Bulbs

60W Equivalent LED Light Bulbs - Advantageous Plastic Cooling System!

dimmable a19 led light bulbs

Dimmable White A-19 LED Light Bulbs with Plastic Cooling System

LED Light bulbs are dimmable with your standard household dimmers. These dimmable LED light bulbs come in daylight white or warm white. These LED light bulbs consume 10 watts. The plastic cooling system provides for 100% insulation. (Dimensional Drawing:10W)

Sorry, this item is obsolete and has been replaced by better, brighter products with an amazing 300 degree light spread. Check our LED light bulb index page for the latest in omni-directional LED bulbs. If at any time you need help, please contact us.