Bargain Basement - Special Deals!

BE SURE TO READ THESE TERMS!!  All items on this page are at extreme discounts, often below cost. FINAL SALE, NOT RETURNABLE, WARRANTY AS STATED FOR EACH PRODUCT. Any after sale adjustments are for store credit only.  NO REFUNDS. Here's your chance to experiment with LED components and arrays or try a LED product for the first time. Questions? Contact us before proceeding please. If you would like to be notified when new items are added to this section, see our notification list page.

led clusters

LED Clusters - great for smaller projects. Various colors and sizes. Regular price as high as $64.  Bargain Basement Price as low as $4.00.  New condition.

led mr16 bulbs

LED MR16 Bulbs, several kinds of older stock. Regular price varies; BB price below cost at $5.95 each. New Condition

led flashlight bulbs

LED Flashlight Bulbs, SORRY, SOLD OUT

5mm flexible LED strip

5mm flexible LED strip, 14" lengths in red, green or amber. This is sideview type with easy connect system. Regular price $16.95, BB price $9.95. New Condition

rigid led strips

Rigid LED Bars snap apart. Red, green and amber. Easy connect system. Regular price $14.95, BB price $6.95. New Condition

endor star modules

Luxeon Endor Star Modules. Out of production LEDs at a savings.

globe shape led light bulbs

Globe shape light bulbs, not dimmable, 35W light output, warm white. Regular price $24.50. BB price $6.00. New condition.

mr16 LED light bulbs

MR16 LED Bulbs, warm white. Regular price $20+, BB price $10.00.  New Condition.

led obstruction bulbs

LED Obstruction Bulbs, 138 LED amber flashing; Regular price $59.00, BB price $19.00. New Condition