the led light led lighting store's LED History

Our experience in the LED Lighting Industry is a full scale online LED store offering a full line of loose LEDs and products made with LEDs. We offer you a bit of LED history in this section, for the curious or for those searching for information on older LED products which may no longer be in production. If you have a particular LED lighting product question, please email us

Our involvement with the LED industry began in 1997 when we offered LED flashlights on a site we operated at that time which catered to pilots. Pilots need red, blue and green light for various reasons in the cockpit. Having been restrained to using traditional flashlights with traditional bulbs that failed along with a colored filter, the LED flashlight was revolutionary and so widely accepted.

It was a natural progression to learn about and develop other LED lighting products to offer to the business and residential market. In 1999, was launched. We offered not only the best of the LED flashlights available at the time, but also LED flashlight retrofits, the earliest of the 'bare bones' household medium base and DC LED light bulb replacements, LED clusters for DIY and OEM use, the earliest LED flexible strip lighting, rigid LED strip lighting, and LED products for use with solar power stations.

As we look back, many years later, the LED marketplace has grown exponentially. The LED lighting products we offered in 1999 were all made with 3 or 5mm through the hole LEDs. Today, LEDs are brighter, better, last longer and have entirely different engineering considerations. LED engineering is literally brilliant. We're proud to have been a part of this exciting technology from the very beginning.

If you are looking for specific information on a product that may have been around in the LED Baby Stage, email us. We've seen many companies enter and leave this business. intends to stick around. LED Lighting is truly the lighting solution for the future.

More to come in this section. Stay tuned.

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