Aluminum Based SMD LED T8 Fluorescent Replacement Tubes

LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements - Ballast Bypass Type

led t8 replacement tubes

Aluminum Based SMD LED T8 Replacement Tubes

LED T8 tubes are ideal for fluorescent tube replacements in commercial lighting applications, sign lighting applications, and residential applications. LED T8 tubes contain no dangerous mercury or gasses.

Low power consumption. Built with a dedicated LED driver for PWM constant current supply to insure longer operating life and to minimize lumen loss, unlike many other designs where normal rectifier and simple RC circuits are employed.

led t8 replacements for commercial use
led t8 tubes for aisle lighting
ballast bypass led t8 tubes

Diameter: 30mm (1.181") See diagram

Supply Voltage: 110VAC to 265VAC Must be installed by a licensed electrician. Instructions.

CCT: Available in 7000K Pure White; 5000-6000K White and 3000-3500K Warm White

Working Temperature: -20 degrees C to + 40 degrees C (-4 F to 104 F)

LEDs: 3528 high brightness SMD LEDs; 120 degree view angle, 100 Lux at 2 meters.

Power Factor: >0.93

CRI: 82 Ra

Certifications: UL and RoHS


Sizes Available:

60 cm/2 ft: 108 LEDs, Luminous Flux 700, 8W

90 cm/3 ft. 180 LEDs, Luminous Flux 1150, 12W

120 cm/4 ft. 288 LEDs, Luminous Flux 1850, 18W

150cm/5 ft. 324 LEDs, Luminous Flux 2050, 22W

180 cm/6 ft. 396 LEDs, Luminous Flux 2450, 26W

240 cm/8 ft, 540 LEDs, Luminous Flux 3350, 36W

Contact us for help with non-stock sizes and color temperatures. 8' tubes in stock for local (Carson City NV) pickup or delivery.


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