LED Lighting Applications - LED Lighting Ideas

Learn about Exhibit and Trade Show LED lighting, cove lighting with LEDs, LED billboard and sign lighting

trade show exhibits
Take your Exhibit or Trade Show Booth from Mediocre to Marvelous with dramatic lighting effects.
cove lighting with LEDs

Cove Lighting with LEDs

Many LED products are great for LED cove lighting applications.

led lighting for restaurants  

LED Lighting for Restaurants

Enhance the mood, uplight onyx, highlight shelves with LED lighting for restaurants and bars

led lights on boats

LED Lighting for Boats

Whether you are looking to decorate the outside of your water-craft with wacky colors and flashing lights, or just want some mood lighting for your evening trips, our team at The LED Light can help you bring your project to life with LED lighting.

led lighting for sculpture art

LED Lighting for Sculpture Art

Our LED Lighting specialists can help you select the right LED products to perfectly enhance your indoor or outdoor Sculpture Art

led lighting for rvs and trailers 

LED Lighting for RV's and Trailers

Large or small, interior or exterior, we have LED lighting products to juice up your RV or trailer. The Bell of Honor Trailer is one of the many projects we've been honored to help with.

automotive led lighting

Vroooom! LED lighting applications for automobiles, bikes and van utility purposes

We do not offer things like headlights and tail lights for a good reason. We can help you to vroom up your race car, add distinctive LED lighting to your cars or bikes, and help to make the inside of your van practically lit.

  led accent lighting for the home

LED Accent Lighting for the Home

Indoors or outdoors, we have LED lighting products to highlight and accent patios, bars, crown molding, cabinets, kitchens, anywhere your living space needs an extra punch of light and interest.

leds for fun

Having Fun with LED Lighting

Irmo SC's High School Band turned heads and got lots of oooh and aaaahs when they lit the eyes on their banner. Use LED's wherever your imagination takes you.