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LED Flashlights, LED Headlamps, LED Camping Lanterns

Also find UV special use LED flashlights for crime scene investigations. Special savings on all standard LED flashlights, headlamps and lanterns while stock remains.

Brunton Lamplight 360 LED Lantern

brunton Led camping lanterns

Here's a LED lantern that takes D, C, AA or AAA batteries - use what you have on hand..


Brunton RL4 LED Headlamp

brunton led headlamps

LED headlamp with red and white LED combination to preserve night vision. So practical.


Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp

streamlight enduro led headlamp

A smart headlamp that can be used with the head band or clipped to the bill of a baseball cap.


Lightstar 220 LED Flashlight

lightstar led flashlights

Two modes. High mode when you need powerful light and low mode to conserve battery power.


PALight LED Flashlights

PALight led flashlights

Not in stock at this time but we do expect a come back. Stay tuned for updates.


Stylus LED Penlights

stylus led pen lights

Not a pen, but a pen style LED flashlight. Fits easily in pocket or purse.


Polystylus LED

polystylus led flashlights

A favorite of photographers, this LED flashlight has interchangeable color heads.


The MicroStream

streamlight microstream led flashlights

Water resistant to 1 meter, the MicroStream LED flashlight is a favorite


Streamlight Junior

streamlight junior led flashlights

Handy pocket clip and tail cap switch in this small LED flashlight


Streamlight Strion

streamlight strion led flashlights

Professional grade LED flashlights with accessories for the pros.


Streamlight ProTAC

streamlight protac led flashlights

Designed by an EMT especially for emergency service personnel


The Knucklehead

streamlight knucklehead led work lights

Truly hands free LED lighting from this sturdy work light


Fire Vulcan LED Lanterns

fire vulcan led lantern

Built with fire fighters in mind, this lantern has a tail light and several modes.


Streamlight Survivor LED

streamlight survivor led flashlight

Rechargeable and approved for use in housedress locations. A true survival light.


xT Microlight LED Wands

xt microlight led wands

A dive light, a traffic safety light, or a light just for fun. Be safe and be seen with this handy wand.


Professional LED Flashlights

uv and crime scene led flashlights

UV and blue LED crime scene flashlights and flashlight kits for forensics

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