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LED Traffic Safety and Control Batons

Bright LED traffic control batons in red, amber, red/green combination and blue.

led traffic safety and control batons

LED Traffic Control Batons

Police and Sheriff's Department Officers, valet parking attendants, school cross walk guards, road construction crews, our LED Traffic Control Batons are a highly visible traffic safety light for getting the attention of pedestrians or drivers.

Two sizes - 14 LED and 3 LED traffic control batons

  • The 14 LED traffic control baton is available in red, amber, or a red/green (switchable) combination. The outside lens on the amber baton is yellow. See it lit below. The outside lens of the 7Red/7Green baton is clear. It is the LEDs which produce the color, not the outside lens.
  • The 3 LED traffic control baton is available in red and blue LED. The outside lens of the 3 Blue baton is clear. It is the LEDs which produce the color, not the outside lens.
red or blue led traffic batons
amber led traffic batons

Safety products dealers, police departments, fire departments and emergency services, please contact us for a quote.

  • Battery Type: Red and Amber LED Traffic Control Batons operate on 2 C Cell Alkaline batteries; 7RED/7GREEN Traffic Control Baton and Blue Traffic Control Batons operate on 3 C Cell Alkaline batteries.
  • Modes: All Red, Blue and Amber Traffic Control Batons have three modes: flashing, constant on and off. The 7 Red and 7 Green LED Traffic Control Baton has the ability to switch between the two colors. It has flashing and off modes only.
  • 14 LED Traffic Control Baton Dimensions: 21" long in total. The LED portion is 13 1/2" long and 1 1/4" dia. The handle portion is 7 1/2" long and is knurled for slip resistance in the wettest of weather.
  • 3 LED Traffic Control Baton Dimensions: 13" long overall. The LED portion is 6" long and 1 1/4" dia. Handle is same as above. This traffic baton is still super bright in spite of it's compact size. It's perfect for kids and also for police or safety officers who wear a traffic baton on their belt.
  • Materials: Plastic construction; clear lens on the 7RED/7GREEN baton and on the Blue baton. Yellow lens on the amber, red lens on the red.
  • Performance: Produces up to 120 flashes per minute; visible for about 1/2 mile
  • Battery run time: Up to 200 hours of continuous flashing operation.
  • Discount applies only to orders for the same size/color batons. Does not apply to mix and match types
  • Shipping is more economical and faster in most cases for smaller orders (1-5 batons) via Priority Mail. You have that option in the shopping cart. If you don't notice that, we'll change the shipping method and lower your charge unless the billing and ship to addresses are different.
  • Warranty: 120 days, not including breakage or abuse.

"My name Is Michael Pool and I am the Captain Coordinator for the Southgate Police Reserve in Michigan. I placed an order with your company and some of your competitors for LED traffic batons. I was amazed how different your product was. It is the finest traffic baton that we have been able to find. Thank you once again for selling such a great product."

Order 13" LED Traffic Batons (3 LEDs)

Red or Blue

Order 21" LED Traffic Batons (14 LEDs)

Red, Amber or Red/Green Combination (7R 7G LEDs)

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