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RGB Color Changing LED Lights

Flexible LED strips, LED pucks, RGB LED Landscape lighting, RGB LED sign modules, RGB wall washers and RGB color controllers add versatility to your lighting designs.

what RGB means

RGB Color Changing LED Lighting

When you use RGB Color Changing LED Lights, you no longer have to decide which color to use. You can either allow the lights to cycle through a continuous color changing pattern, or stop the controller at any color you like. The possibilities are endless. Change your color scheme with the seasons, or simply at your whim with RGB Color Changing LED lights.
RGB LED products contain red, blue and green LED's. As you can see in the image at left, blue and green combine to produce turquoise, green and red combine to produce yellow, red and blue combine to make violet, red, green and blue combine to make white. There are literally more than 16,000,000 possibilities with the more sophisticated controllers. Some RGB products, like our simple and easy to use color changing LED light bulb, do not require a controller. You use the remote control instead. See how the colors perform in an RGB color changing light bulb

4 Wire RGB Cable

4 wire rgb cable

Color coded 4 wire cable makes it easy to install your products.


RGB LED Puck Lights

rgb led puck lights

12VDC RGB LED puck lights mount flush or can be recessed.


RGB Flexible LED Strip

rgb flexible led strips

Waterproof and non-waterproof, 30LPM and 60LPM RGB strips



par rgb led bulbs

With remote control. All the light points downward


A19 RGBW Bulbs

a19 rgb led bulbs

With remote control. 180 degree light output.


Linear RGB Modules

linear rgb modules

Weatherproof linear modules for signs and narrow spaces.


Square RGB Modules

square rgb modules

Weatherproof square modules for signs and wider spaces.


RGB In-Grounds

rgb landscape lighting

RGB In-Ground LED landscape fixtures inside or outside


Rectangular RGB LED Wall Washers

compact rgb led wallwashers

36 RGB LED wall washers provide a more concentrated light output


Linear RGB LED Wall Washers

linear rgb led wall washers

30 RGB LED linear wall washers for wider/longer areas


12" Long Rigid RGB LED Strips

rgb rigid strips

Can be broken into smaller pieces, this RGB rigid strip is versatile.


Round RGB and White Wall Washers

round led wall washers

15 degree tight spot wall washer in white or RGB


WiFi RGB Color Controllers

wifi rgb color controllers

Control your RGB LED lighting with a cell phone app


DMX 512 Color Controllers

dmx color controllers

Decoders and DMX Software for the pros AND RGB DMX WIFI

Link 1 Link 2

Standard RGB Color Controllers

rgb color controllers

RGB color controllers with or without remote controls


In Wall RGB Touch Panel Control

in wall rgb led touch panel controllers

No more hunting for the remote! It's right on the wall.

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