RGB Color Changing LED Lights

RGB color changing LED LightsWhen you use RGB Color Changing LED Lights, you no longer have to decide which color to use. You can either allow the lights to cycle through a continuous color changing pattern, or stop the controller at any color you like. The possibilities are endless. Change your color scheme with the seasons, or simply at your whim with RGB Color Changing LED lights.

RGB LED products contain red, blue and green LED's. As you can see in the image at left, blue and green combine to produce turquoise, green and red combine to produce yellow, red and blue combine to make violet, red, green and blue combine to make white. There are literally more than 16,000,000 possibilities with the more sophisticated controllers. Some RGB products, like our simple and easy to use color changing LED light bulb, do not require a controller. You use the remote control instead. See how the colors perform in an RGB color changing light bulb

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4 wire cable
4 wire cable
makes it easy to install your RGB color changing LED product
rgb puck lights
RGB LED Puck Lights
flush or recess mount

rgb flexible led strips
High grade RGB flexible LED Strip - waterproof, non-waterproof, 30LPM, 60LPM

114 mode chasing strip
114 Mode Digital Chasing RGB LED strip with amazing changes and color pattern options. Great for long runs

linear rgb led modules
Weatherproof Linear RGB LED Modules
for signs and many other outdoor applications

rectangular rgb led modules
Weatherproof Square RGB LED Modules
for signs and many other outdoor applications.

 rgb led wallwashers
RGB Color Changing Wall Washers
for indoor or outdoor use

RGB rigid strips
Rigid RGB LED Strips
, 12" long can be broken into shorter lengths
wifi rgb controllers
Wifi Controllers for RGB LED products
Control your RGB installation with a cell phone app
DMX 512
decoders and DMX software
RGB color controllers
RGB LED Color Controllers
- standard controllers with or without remote control
rgb wall controls
RGB Color Controllers for wall installation
No morehunting for the remote