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LED Sign Lighting: Waterproof RGB LED Modules for Channel Lettering Signs and Cove Lighting Applications

RGB color changing modules can be used for many colorful LED lighting applications, indoors or outdoors.

Versatile RGB Color Changing LED Sign Modules

Use a color rotation, or easily change your color to suit the season without changing the LED Modules
RGB modules can be used to provide an interesting effect of various colors rotating on a continual basis or set at a solid color. Easy to change the look and feel of the environment using your color controller. No need to decide whether you want to use red, green, blue or purple. You simply change the color to suit your mood. RGB sign modules use a red, blue and green chip in each LED. Combining those basic colors allows you to achieve many, many variations.

Common Specifications

  • Weatherproofing: RGB Color Changing LED IP 65 rated for dry, damp or wet environments
  • Installation: Mounts with pre-attached 3M double sided tape or center mounting hole.
  • Housing: PVC
  • Maximum of one box of 20 modules per home run to the transformer in order to avoid voltage drop.
  • Operating temperature: -20° to +40 ° C (-40 ° F to +104 ° F)
  • Field Adjustment: Can be cut to length anywhere
  • Lumen Maintenance: 95% at 1000 hours; lumen output depends on color selected.

Square RGB LED Modules

  • Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm x 6mm H (1.42" square x 0.24" high)
  • LEDS: 4 multi chip RGB LEDs per module, 80 degree view angle.
  • Current consumption: 84mA per module (0.96W)

Linear RGB LED Modules

  • Dimensions: 78mm L x 15mm W x 5mm H (3.07" x 0.59" x 0.20").
  • LEDS: 3 multi chip RGB LEDs per module; 80 degree view angle.
  • Current consumption: 60mA per module (0.72W)

Square RGB LED Sign Modules


Square RGB LED Modules. Sample Set: 10 modules 840mA; 20 modules 1680mA; 40 modules 3360mA.

Linear RGB LED Sign Modules


Linear RGB LED Modules, Sample Set: 10 modules 600mA; 20 modules 1200mA; 40 modules 2400mA

Order your Power Supply

Requires a transformer, not included. TX1 A 800mA capacity; TX 5A 4000mA capacity. Yes, we have other transformers.

Also requires a color controller. We have several to choose from.

Please contact us if you need help sizing your controls.

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