RV and Solar Ready LED Lights

Designed to take an occasional voltage surge or voltage spike, these LED Lights are great for RV's, boats, planes, trucks, and solar or wind generators

rv led ceiling lights
RV LED Ceiling Lights handle a voltage spike up to 32 VDC for up to three minutes. Direct LED light replacement for your RV dome lights USA LED Products.
Solar Ready LED under cabinet lighting
RV & Solar Ready LED Cabinet lights have two light levels. USA LED Products
surface mount led ceiling lights
Surface Mount LED ceiling lights, oblong or round. Great for mobile use. USA LED products
rv led dome lights
RV LED dome lights in two sizes great for campers, trailers and boats. Indoor use.
led wallpack lights
Vandal Resistant LED Wallpack lights for safety and security lighting. USA LED Product
led flood lights
LED Flood lights LED Billboard Lights for security and sign lighting. Solar ready. USA LED Product
solar powered led lights
Flush Mounted LED Lights can easily be solar powered LED lights. Use these anywhere - in homes, landscape, RV's, solar applications. Made in the USA with Cree XPG LED's
portable project lights
Contractors, stay cool in that attic with low heat Portable Project LED Lights with a powerful 500W light output. Ham radio operators, emergency crews, a DC model available. USA LED product
waterproof LED light bars
Waterproof LED Light Bars can be safely used with a voltage regulator. 3-6 LED bars in colors in limited supply. Also half meter bars in white.
led project lights
Adjustable Project Lights up to 500W light output. Stage lighting, wall washing, security lighting. USA LED Product
voltage regulator
Most of our 12VDC LED Products can safely be used with a Voltage Regulator. Need help? Please contact us