Wherever Light - A favorite for the patrol car


Wherever Light Flexible LED LightWherever Light is a wide angle 45° LED lamp with a 15" flexible arm as the core of the Wherever Light system.

LED provides much longer battery life than an incandescent bulb. It's more durable (no fragile filament) and has no bull's eye pattern. The flexible arm adjusts to put light wherever you need it, and has a DC connector that fits all three adapters. All 3 adapters plus a hook and loop strap are included in the package. White or Red LED option.

Wherever Light USB AdapterWherever Light with USB AdapterUSB adapter lets you use the Wherever Light for work on the go. Light draws power from the 5 volt USB port of the pc or Macintosh computer. The Wherever Light draws just 20 mA of current, so it will not significantly affect your laptop's battery life.
Wherever LED Light Battery PackWherever LED Light Battery PackBattery pack with belt clip lets you use the Wherever Light wherever you go: • Working on a car • ·Reading in dim lighting • Working on home projects • Wherever you need light to read or work • 3 AAA Batteries not included
cWherever Light Car AdapterWherever Light Car AdapterVehicle power adapter enables the Wherever Light to serve as in-vehicle map or reading light, particularly useful for travelers. Light draws power from the vehicle's 12vdc electrical system.
White or Red LED, click to select.