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Wireless LED Lights - Battery Operated LED Lights

Battery holders for LED products and wireless LED desk lamps. If you are looking for LEDs for more serious battery applications, check out our Solar Ready LED light fixtures. These are constructed to work with battery banks and can take voltage spikes without damage to your LEDs

8 AA Cell Battery Holder

8AA cell battery holkders

with wire leads makes it easy to power your 12 VDC LED products with a battery pack.


23A Cell Battery Holder

23A cell battery holders

with wire leads holds (1) 23A cell battery for when your space considerations count.


Rechargeable Battery Pack

rechargeable battery packs

3800 mAh and 6800 mAh rechargeable battery packs


Battery Operated LED Desk Lamp

battery operated LED desk lamps

with an adjustable LED arm. This wireless LED desk lamp can even be wall mounted.

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