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XLM RV LED Light Bars - LED Strips with Voltage Spike Protection - LED Light Bars for Automotive, RV, Solar and Wind Generators

Made in the USA

led under cabinet lights for RVs

RV and Solar Ready LED Light Bars

XLMLED Strips great for RVs, autos, solar and wind generators. Handles a 32V spike for 3 minutes without damaging your LED light bars.

mounting options

Mount flush with screws through the pre-drilled holes or use the included mounting bracket to angle the light

two way switch

Two way rocker switch allows for half or full power. Use the low setting when you want to conserve battery power

◦LEDs: Cree multi chip XLM series T7; 5400K cool white 

◦Input Voltage 11.4-16 VDC; short circuit protection 

◦Mounting: Surface mount using pre-drilled holes or angle mount with included bracket 

◦Current consumption XLM16 300mA on low, 600mA on full 

◦Current consumption XLM32: 600mA on low, 1200mA on full 

◦Lumens XLM16: 450 on low, 900 on full 

◦Lumens XLM32: 900 on low, 1800 on full

◦IP Rating: IP52

◦Dimensions: XLM16: 16" x 1.19" x 0.55" high; XLM32: 31.5" x 1.19" x 0.55" high 

◦Special Feature: 2 way rocker switch allows half and full power light output 

◦Special Feature: 18" high copper strand awg, automotive zip cord

◦Special Feature: On board PWM duty 20% extends LED life 

◦Special Feature: Handles 32 VDC spikes for three minutes without damage. 

◦Warranty: 2 year warranty to the original purchaser

XLM LED Light Bars

16" or 32" - Needs a transformer if you are not using battery power

Order Your Power Supply

TX5A with plug, 4000mA capacity; $32.90 ea

Yes, we have larger 12V transformers as well as low voltage dimmers. You may also want to check out our installation accessories.

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