660 nM RED LED Flashlights

Pocket 1W 660 nM RED LED Flashlights

660 nM Red LED Flashlights

Powerful 660nM Red LED flashlight in a compact package which uses easy to find AAA Alkaline cells.

The deep, custom reflector in this flashlight maximizes beam performance. We make no claims about the healing properties of this flashlight. We have had numerous requests from those in healing professions, dermatologists, acupuncture, cosmeticians, alternative medicine practitioners. Information from a customer: " We use Red LED light for facial rejuvenation. The red LED light stimulates the collagen production in the dermis layer of the skin. Collagen is also what the body uses to heal itself in, i.e. injuries. The 660 wave length gets faster and better results than the 630." Please do your own independent research before purchasing this light.

This flashlight is no longer in production. We have a new night vision preserving Red LED Professional Grade Flashlight to offer