LED A15 Bulbs with Candelabra or Medium Base 300 lumens 40W equivalent

A15 bulbs are smaller than A19's and are good for light fixtures with shallow glass, refrigerator lights and many lanterns


A15 LED Lamps - a 40W incandescent replacement bulb with a smaller profile than an A19 bulb.

Great for chandeliers or vanity lighting which has glass that is too shallow to accommodate an A19 bulb. Available in candelabra or medium base, these A15 LED bulbs are dimmable with a standard household dimmer. The medium base A15 fits many lanterns and is OK to use in the fridge. Both the medium base and candelabra base A15 bulbs can be used in paddle fans. LEDs are not affected by vibration as there is no fragile filament to break.

 LED a15 bulb with candelabra base
led a15 bulb with medium base

Input Voltage: 120V

Replaces a 40W incandescent

Power Consumption only 4.8W

Lumen Output: 300 lumens

Color Temperature: 3000


Dimensions: 3.25"H x 1.65"D

Base: Candelabra or Medium

Estimated Lifetime: 30,000 Hours

Dimmable, standard household dimmer

Warranty: 2 years

LED A15 Lamps, 300 lumen 40W replacements; warm white, clear glass, select candelabra or medium base $17.99 each