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Adjustable LED Cabinet Light with Replaceable Light Source

Adjustable LED downlight fixtures allow you to keep up with the latest LED technology by simply changing the lamp.

adjustable led cabinet lights

When you need to point light in a direction, and even when you don't, this small adjustable LED downlight is great for cabinets, display cases, and even soffits and ceilings for direct task lighting. It's small size (about 3" in diameter with a 2.5" hole size) suits many LED lighting applications. And here's the real advantage to these adjustable LED Cabinet lights - you won't have to replace the fixture itself should a LED source prematurely fail or if you simply want to update to a newer, brighter, or different color temperature LED light. All you'll do is replace the GU16 LED lamp. 120VAC input, 3 year warranty. Current LED GU10 lamp produces a light output equivalent to a 50W halogen and is available in 3000K warm white or 5000K cool white. 

Adjustable LED Downlight

3000K Warm White - $47.55 each

Adjustable LED Downlight

5000K Cool White - $47.55 each

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