Made in the USA LED Products - Assembled in the USA LED Products *

Support USA owned and operated LED factories

led t8 and t5 tubes
Made in the USA T8 tubes and T 5 tubesare direct replace. No wiring
u bend led tubes
U Bend LED tubesare made in the USA in three sizes and six color temperatures. No wiring
led light bars
portable project lights
crown moldings for LEDs
Crown moldingsdesigned for use with LED Strips are made in the USA
led flood lights
RV LED dome lights
RV LED dome lightsassembled in the USA
led wallpack lights
LED Wallpack Lightsare USA LED Products
single led lights
Northstar LED Accent Lightsare USA LED Products
led accent lights
Flush Mount LED Accent Lightsare USA LED Products; also see our newCree XPG Version
led cabinet lights
Sleek Linear LED Barsare USA LED Products
led landscape lights
LED Landscape Lightsare USA LED Products
led landscape lights
LED Landscape Lightsare USA LED Products
inground led lights
LED wall lights, for indoor or outdoor use.are USA LED products
LED puck lights
LED puck lightswith classy Corian shell are made in the USA
panel mount leds
Panel mount LEDsare USA LED Products
surface mount led ceiling lights
Surface Mount LED ceiling lightsavailable in round or oblong. USA factory
* For those who like to read fine print, you'll find a document from the FTCherewhich describes all of the parameters involved in calling a product "Made in the USA". To do so erroneously is deceptive advertising at best. Buyer Beware. LED products, by their nature, are not wholly made in the USA. The LED component itself, even though it may be produced by a US company such as Cree®, are most often manufactured off shore. Without going through extensive factory certifications, we are not able to determine if parts other than the LEDs were or were not produced offshore as well. These parts can be things as simple as wire or certain plastic parts. Thus, to err on the side of caution, we refer to our products as "Assembled In" as opposed to "Made In" the USA. The factories which produce all of the products on this page are wholly located in the USA, assembled in the USA, and designed by the engineers of US based companies. These factories create jobs here in the USA, just as The LED Light, Inc. does. Should we discover information to the contrary, the product(s) will be promptly removed from this page. We continue to support USA based businesses, large and small, and strive to add more products from these USA based companies on a regular basis.