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When most people think of visiting Nevada, Las Vegas is one of the first cities to come to mind. In fact, many people think Las Vegas is the capital of Nevada, when it is our home town, Carson City. For those who aren't familiar with our state, you may not know that Las Vegas isn't the only home to a myriad of bright lights and casinos. Casino gambling is legal state wide, so you will find plenty of other flashy, power consuming, colorful lighting in cities and towns throughout Nevada, large and small. Perhaps Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Reno's casino presence isn't as large or well known as Las Vegas, but believe me, there is plenty of electric meter spinning going on.Read More
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Let's face it. One size simply doesn't fit all. One color temperature isn't right for every decorating scheme, one beam angle just won't fit for reading and area lighting at the same time. And what about trim? Plain ol' white simply isn't for every taste. Voila! Introducing the new line of LED ceiling light retrofits called the Freedom and you'll understand why in just a moment.Read More
0 Comment | Posted By Mohammed Kalimulla