The omnidirectional LED light bulb has made it possible to use LED light bulbs even in deep pendant lighting.

If you're thinking of giving the interior of your home or business a facelift this summer with fresh, new lighting ideas, consider pendant lighting. Available in so many gorgeous shapes and textures, there are a style and colour that will compliment any decor and go well just about anywhere in your home or business. The hot, new look in pendants is 'groupings'. With specially made frames, you can hang from three to six pendants either in a triangular or linear configuration, focusing the light where you need it most. The length of the cord is customizable so you can design your own look and function. And, with an easy to install kit, you can even convert existing recessed can lights with single pendants literally within minutes


You may have seen so called "LED versions" of these pendants advertised elsewhere. Don't be fooled. There is nothing different about these pendants. They are traditional decorative light fixtures shipped with LED light bulbs. The difference between 'us and them' is that they are charging you up to $40 for the same omnidirectional LED light bulbs we sell at a fraction of the cost. It is not at all that these dealers are unscrupulous. It's simply that they are light fixture stores and not LED savvy. On top of that, if you purchase a "LED version" of our pendants elsewhere, you're stuck with a 60W equivalent and one colour temperature. Many of these pendants are tall enough and wide enough to accommodate a much brighter LED light bulb. If you need maximum light output, you can use our brightest LED bulbs, currently up to 150-watt comparable incandescent output. Why? Because the power consumption on the LED bulb is only 23 watts, and the fixtures are rated at least for 60 watts. As to colour temperature, certain types and colours of light fixture glass look much better with a cool 5000K and others are enhanced more by a warm 5000K. We're all about choices.

The omnidirectional LED light bulbs are a fairly recent development. Earlier on, LED bulbs were very directional. The LED array was flat, causing the upper part of a pendant not to receive any light. With special engineering, the omnidirectional LED light bulbs are able to project the light a full 300 degrees. No more dark spot at the top of the fixture glass! Our decorative light fixture line has grown so, we've constructed a new website especially for those and for our Monte Carlo lifetime warranty ceiling fans. Visit to view all, and if you're local to Carson City NV, stop in at our LED light store at 511 Fairview Drive where you can see many of the items displayed on the website in person. We're looking forward to lighting up your home or business!

By: Mary Wecker