The amount of electricity consumed in Las Vegas, Nevada is just staggering. Can anything be done to control these energy gobbling banners, signs and Marquis?

When most people think of visiting Nevada, Las Vegas is one of the first cities to come to mind. In fact, many people think Las Vegas is the capital of Nevada when it is our hometown, Carson City. For those who aren't familiar with our state, you may not know that Las Vegas isn't the only home to a myriad of bright lights and casinos. Casino gambling is legal statewide, so you will find plenty of other flashy, power consuming, colourful lighting in cities and towns throughout Nevada, large and small. Perhaps Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Reno's casino presence isn't as large or well known as Las Vegas, but believe me, there is plenty of electric meter spinning going on. Some of the older casino marquises were, and perhaps some still are, made up of an enormous amount of medium base sockets into which either a standard A19 bulb or globe shaped bulb has been inserted. When we think of al bulb like this, we think about perhaps a 40-watt incandescent bulb. If there are still incandescent bulbs in casino marquis signs, they ought to be outlawed. Pricing on LED light bulbs has come way, way, way down and so has power consumption while light quality continues to increase. today's 40-watt equivalent LED light bulb consumes 6.5 watts or less. That's an 83.75% power saving. And when you consider that this type of sign is operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, that can amount to tremendous savings. Casinos are designed to draw the eye from place to place. Light and colour are two elements that achieve that purpose. For those long, linear runs of light, including chasing or strobing or coloured light, flexible LED strip is the perfect substitution for hot, energy gobbling neon. Being a public arena, safety is utmost. So we do have UL listed flexible LED strip that is quite durable and has passed electrical standards testing. There is also 120 VAC input flexible LED strip that not only eliminates the need for power supplies but also solves the voltage drop issue for long, continuous runs. There is the waterproof product suitable for those outdoor water features which are also UL listed for safety. There is not a job large or small that our array of flexible LED lighting products can't address. Another very useful product for casino use, RGB colour changing LED wall washers come in sizes large and small for washing walls, fountains, building facades or drapery with colourful, colour changing the light. These can be installed permanently or set up on a portable basis so they can be moved from one area to the next to address a lighting need within or without the building. We can custom design a package for you including custom controls so you can synch several wall washers together. And last but not least, do you have parking garages or outdoor spaces lumped with energy gobbling HID lamps? We now have amazingly bright 360-degree output LED light bulbs which will operate even at 277VAC. Available in cool white or warm white, you'll be very pleased with both performance and cost. Our technical sales representatives have the experience and product knowledge to help you to start saving within a very short period of time. Give us a call at 775 841 4490 or email us at to make an appointment for your complete evaluation. We'll look forward to working with you.

By: Mary Wecker