August 11, 2020 Flexible LED strips have become so popular, they can be used almost anywhere, but have they totally replaced the rigid LED strip? We think not. There are times you'll want a sturdier low profile 12V LED lighting source and that's where rigid LED strips come into play.

Before 2005, the rigid LED strips were all we had to work with, and believe me, we did lots and lots of things with them. They are designed to be split into smaller segments with the wiring in between to provide for making bends and curves. Although older technology, segmented rigid strips are far from being obsolete and are suitable for tight or small spaces. Model train LED lights, doll house or miniature LED lights and cabinets which only requires a few inches of LED lighting are just a few examples of where the rigid LED strips find a home. They're quite useful as a temporary or portable LED uplight. Light Spanish moss, ivy or greens from below for a holiday decoration, party or display. No need to stick down a rigid LED strip. It will stay put without curling. They are a good choice for edge lighting acrylic signs with linear proportions.

If it's colour changing LED lights you need, have a look at our RGB rigid strips. These are extremely low profile LED lights which are only 5/16" wide. The strip is 12" long and can be cut into five segments about 2.4" long. Four wire cable is available in our installation accessories department should you decide to cut these rigid LED strips. Yes, soldering skills are needed in this case. Full 12" strips are easily connected one to another with a simple plug-in connector wire. Mini colour controllers are available now which are even easier than before to stow in a small space.

If it's coloured LED lights you need, these rigid LED strips are available in red, green and amber and are even easier to break apart and connect segments. There is a receptacle on each segment which accepts a pre-wired plug-in connector. The strips are 12" long and can be broken into four segments of about 3" each. These LED low profile lights are wider at 0.825" yet wafer thin. Installation track makes for easy and secure placement. If it's white LED lights you need, LED modules for channel letters aren't just for signs. Each module is about 3" long, 0.6" wide and only 0.2" thick. As an added bonus, they're waterproof (not submersible) and are also available in RGB colour changing. These LED modules come in a string with about 3.5" of wire in between each module. You can cut anywhere, add additional wire lengths if needed, and secure the waterproof properties with shrink tube, also available in our installation accessories department. Rigid LED strips are here to stay. Think of how to include them in your next LED lighting project.

By: Mary Wecker