You've been asking for more sizes and more options in LED ceiling light fixtures, so now we offer even more variety. Round and square 120VAC input LED ceiling lights in white, brushed nickel and rich bronze trims are now available for shipment. Our new LED ceiling light fixtures are damp location rated and suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, family rooms and commercial spaces. With a low 1" profile and your choice of trim colour and shape, there is a LED ceiling light to fit anywhere in your environment. They are easy to install with a simple quick connect (provided), and will fit 3 or 4" junction boxes. If you're doing a ceiling light retrofit, there is no need in most cases to install new electrical boxes. Energy Star certified these ceiling lights have very low power consumption (5.5" at 10.5W, 7" at 13.5W and 9" at 18.5W)


So much for the nuts and bolts, what about the look and feel? Consumers are becoming more and more aware of colour temperature and what that means visually. When LED lighting first came into the marketplace, we considered warm white to be between 3000K-3500K and cool white to be between 5500-6000K. For some, particularly for discriminating designers, that Kelvin range wasn't quite warm enough and at the high end, was too white, and almost blueish. The preferred warm colour temperature is now around 2700K. At that level, the light is truly warm, and most reminiscent of an incandescent light source. 5000K is clean and white, yet does not have any blue cast to it. And, if you already have 3000K warm white LED bulbs in your vanity lighting, we have a 3000K ceiling light to blend well with those. Uniformity is another feature we want. It's easier than ever to compliment your bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixtures with bronze, brushed nickel or white trim on your ceiling lights. And when you need a wet location ceiling light, such as for installation inside a shower, we have options for you. Wet location ceiling fixtures with a high 90CRI are available in 7" round and square and 9" square.

Uniformity is also illustrated well in the battery backup option we have for you. The battery backup module is actually a separate component. You pair that with the round or square LED ceiling light of your choice. As you can see from the image, when using the battery backup module, your light now has two 'decks', increasing the depth from 1" to 2". If you'd like, you can order empty casings for the rest of the lights in your room so that all of them have an identical depth. There isn't need anymore to have battery backup lights with a chunky commercial look sticking out like a sore thumb. You won't even know the battery backup light is there until you have a power emergency, and need that light by the exit or in dark hallways. And by the way, battery backup lighting isn't just for commercial spaces. It can be a valuable safety precaution in homes, large or small. Consider installing one in each hallway adjacent to bedrooms, and perhaps in a basement where you keep your emergency supplies. Questions about these products? Use our call me back form or give us a call at 775-841-4490. We're looking forward to hearing from you. By: Mary Wecker