Spring is right around the corner and our customers are getting their RV's ready for a season of travel and fun. This year, consider adding not only practical, but colourful or music responsive LED lighting to your RV. Several of our RV LED lighting fixtures are specifically designed for use in RV's and campers They have built-in over-voltage protection which allows them to handle a voltage spike up to 32VDC for up to three minutes, Three of these are featured on the left including rectangular LED dome lights, LED ceiling lights and LED under cabinet lights. The under cabinet lights have two light levels, allowing you to conserve battery power. Other 12v LED lights can easily be adapted to use with your RV or camper. Consider colour changing LED lights for stunning accents. RGB colour changing lights allow you to select a single colour and change it at your whim. With today's 'touch wheel' colour controllers, selecting and changing your colour is easier than ever. And if you've been thinking of LED lights that change with music, you'll find an audio controller among our line of RGB controls. RGB colour changing LED flexible strip is a natural for audio control. Keep in mind that most LED lights are 12v led lights, and other than those with built in protection, you will need an inline voltage regulator to protect your LED products from damage if voltage should spike at any time. There are various regulators available to match your power system. If you need help selecting the correct one, simply contact us We're also available to discuss your individual ideas about how to incorporate LED lights in the most beneficial and economical way. Tune 'er up, spruce 'er up, and enjoy a safe and enjoyable travel season!