Colour adds interest and can get attention. Add a little pizzazz to your LED landscape designs with coloured LED lights.


If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring? Answer: Why, pilgrims of course. Sorry, I heard that yesterday and couldn't resist sharing :-) All kidding aside, spring is here. Tulips and daffodils are starting to peek out from in between the remnants of the last snow here in Carson City. Don't they just make you want to get outside, rake away whatever leaves and winter mess may be left, and focus on your landscape? I'm sure in the mood and from the looks of landscape lighting sales, so are many of our customers. And coloured LED lights are more popular than ever. There are two ways to go about colour. You can use solid colours or you can use RGB LED lighting which will allow you to set up your own color scheme and pattern. Today we'll highlight the solid colour LED lights that can be used outdoors. Next week we'll visit RGB LED lighting techniques. One of our most popular long-term outdoor LED lighting solutions is the LED MicroStar. The MicroStar is made with 3mm LED lights and provides a soft beam of white or coloured light. White can be used along walkways or on handrails to provide a soft perimeter light for decks or stairways. They can also be used in stair treads. Amber LED MicroStars are very cosy and warm looking. The amber light is very easy on the eye and will blend well with any colour scheme. It is sometimes mixed with red for an ultra warm look and feel. Blue is typically used in or around water features to enhance that cooling look and feel while green looks absolutely stunning poked in among ground cover. The LED MicroStar is a waterproof LED light fixture. It can even be used in ponds, waterfalls and fountains. With only a 20mA power consumption per fixture, you can run a lot of these tiny little lights on one outdoor rated AC-DC transformer. They are not dimmable, but there isn't a need to dim a small light source like this. They are designed specifically for handrails and landscaping, so the brightness level is just right. Not too bright, not too dim. You can pick up some of our segments so you can point the light in a direction when you want to highlight a shrub or garden feature. Twist an eye into a sturdy piece of wire to make a simple garden stake. The NorthStar LED lights are a little larger. They are made with 5mm LED lights and contain from 1 to 8 of those. That being said, they are dimmable as you may want to control brightness, providing more light at certain times such as when you're having a party on the deck and have installed the NortSstars in a handrail or under the eaves. The NorthStar LED lights are not completely waterproof. It is OK to use them outdoors as a side light or perhaps in a hand rail or along risers on a staircase. However, they are not in-ground type lights are not to be installed face up where moisture can and will get inside the fixture. If it is the white light you are looking for, you will be using the single high power Cree LED version of this product. The larger coloured LED NorthStar lights to contain eight 5mm LEDs. The smaller LED NorthStar lights to contain a single 5mm LED. All are made with pride in the USA. These small LED lights aren't just for LED landscape lighting. They're perfect for LED accent lighting as well. Create a small focal point of light to highlight sculptures or figurines in your display cases. Use them in your indoor plants. LED lights don't generate a lot of heat, so they are safe to use in your plants and won't scorch them like a hot halogen light will. Use them with a battery pack for holiday table decorations and seasonal wreaths. LED lights don't consume much power so a battery pack will last quite a while on a single charge. Always think LEDs when you're planning a party for a festive splash of color and sparkle that only LED lighting can achieve. Can we help with your next project? Our technical sales staff has had experience with all kinds of lighting challenges. If you've got a puzzle, we've got solvers :-) Just give us a call at 775 841 4490 or send off an email to We'll be glad to call you back during normal business hours or reply via email if that's what you'd prefer. Thank you as always for your interest in We appreciate your business.