Something new in LED light bulbs - warm tone dimming Would you have an interest in LED reflector lamps, R30 and R40 that dim like incandescent reflector lamps?

Here's something I personally never took notice of. As incandescent lamps dim, the colour temperature drops slightly, causing the dimmed lamp to be a warmer tone. So when our factory representative mentioned this new line of LED reflector lamps, I was a bit puzzled by it. But after asking around a bit, I found that not only did others notice this feature in incandescent lamps, but they find it desirable, particularly in cosier environments. A restaurant setting is an example. Ceiling lighting needs to be at high brightness as the dining rooms are being cleaned and prepared for service. But when guests arrive, a very warm, almost candle type of light is what makes diners most comfortable. The warmer, the better so they say. You can see how this would apply to your family dining area as well. So here's the skins on warm tone dimming LED lamps: o Available now in R30 and R40 108 degree floodlights. o Start up CCT is 2700K warm white. CRI is 80+ o Input voltage: 120 VAC o Lumen output: R30 750 lumens; R40 1000 lumens o Incandescent equivalent" R30 65 watts; R40 85 watts o Power consumption: R30 only 12.8 watts and R40 16 watts o Average rated hours: R30 at 40,000 hours and R40 at 30,000 hours Would you be interested in warm tone dimming LED light bulbs? Would you like our factory to produce lamp types other than R30's and R40's? We'd love to have your feedback on warm tone dimming and any other LED lighting ideas or needs you have. Looking forward to hearing from you.

By: Mary Wecker