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LED Lighting Controls - Low Voltage and Line Voltage Controls for LED Systems

Low Voltage Dimmers - AC to DC Transformers - Power Supplies - In line Voltage Regulators - Line Voltage LED Dimmers - RGB Color Controllers, Low Voltage AC Dimmers - Temperature Controls for Heated Clothing

AC-DC Transformers or Power Supplies

power supplies for leds

Power supplies to operate your 12 and 24VDC LED products


Low Voltage Dimming Controls

low voltage dimmers

Low voltage dimmers dim your product on the low voltage side


120VAC Dimmable Magnetic Transformers

dimmable magnetic transformers

Allows dimming of your 12 or 24VDC products on the line voltage side


Dimmer Switches and Vacancy Sensors

dimmers, vacacncy and occupancy sensors

Designed for LED products, avoids flicker. 120VAC input


Other Low Voltage Controls

misc controls

Voltage doublers, low voltage AC dimmers, linear power supplies, fan and motor controls


Voltage Regulators for LED Products

voltage regulators for leds

Important when operating LED products from a battery source. Avoid damage during charge cycle


Standard RGB LED Color Controllers

RGB color controllers

With and without remote. Touch wheel RGB controls and button select controls


RGB Wall Controls with Touch Panel

RGB Touch Panels

No more hunting for the remote control. It's safe and secure right on the wall.


Wi-Fi Controllers for LED Products

wifi controllers

Control you RGB LED products with a cell phone app or PC


RGB DMX Controllers for the Pros

dmx software and dmx decoders

DMX Software and RGB Decoders for more specific control


Temperature Control for Heated Clothing

temperature control for heated clothing

From reliable Zane International, compatible with most clothing


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