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Dimmable Direct LED Replacements for Fluorescent T5 and T8 tubes

Made in the USA LED T8 and T5 tubes install in minutes in your existing fluorescent fixtures

direct replace T8 tubes

Made in the USA LED T8 Tubes - LED T5 Tubes replace fluorescent tubes

We now offer more choices than ever. This superior line of LED T8 tubes and LED T5 tubes are available in not two, not three, but six different Kelvin temperatures. We can provide LED tubes with G13, FA8 or R17d base types. And, if you simply don't know whether you have an electronic or magnetic ballast. The T-8 Q series will work with both types.

As an added bonus, these LED tubes are dimmable when interfaced with dimmable ballasts and switches

FA8 Single Pin

FA8 single pin

G13 Bi Pin (G5 for the T5)

G13 or G5 bi pin

R17D Bi Pin

r17d bi pin
made in the USA

Advantages of Direct Replace LED Tubes

Installation is exactly the same as replacing a fluorescent tube. These tubes are designed to reduce ballast temperature, thus extending it's life span. No re-wiring, no expensive installation costs, and no worries about voiding the UL listing on your existing fixtures. Simple, cost-effective, efficient, intelligent design.

Specifications for 4' T8 and T5 LED Tubes

  • Stock item is 5000K with G13 bi-pin
  • Compatibility: Electronic or Magnetic Ballasts - 4' T8 Q series only. T5's are for electronic ballasts only.
  • 50% reduction in energy consumption over traditional fluorescent tubes
  • Light angle of 300°
  • Supports instant, rapid and programmable starts
  • All lamps are dimmable to 5% (when interfaced with dimmable ballasts and switches)
  • Reduces ballast temperature, thus increasing ballast life
  • Power Consumption: 20W; Lumen Output: 1800 Lumens
  • 50,000 hour life expectancy with a 5 year warranty
  • Other CCT's: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5700K and 6500K available by special order. Short lead time; typically about one week.
  • Other base types: FA8, R17D by special order. Short lead time, typically less than a week.
  • Other lengths available for electronic ballasts only. 2', 3', 5', 6' and 8'. Contact us please. We'll quote these orders individually.
  • High Output (HO) T5 LED tubes also available in 2', 3', 4' and 5' lengths. Contact us please.
  • Direct Replace U-Bend LED tubes also available.
  • Certifications: The tubes offered below are UL listed. Some other sizes are still in the process of certification.

Note: Q series is meant for magnetic ballasts but will also work with electronic ballasts. When used with an electronic ballast, it will consume more watts and produce more lumens. For example, for the same electronic ballast, D series would consume 17W and produce 1700 lumens. When a Q series lamp is used with the same electronic ballast, it would consume 22W and produce 2200 lumens. Questions? Contact us please.

DLC Q Series T8 LED tubes

Optimized for magnetic ballasts, also works with electronic ballasts, 4 FT, 5000K, G13 base $47.98

DLC D Series T8 LED tubes

For electronic ballasts only. 4FT, 5000K, G13 base $45.98 each

E Series T5 LED tubes

For electronic ballasts, 4FT, 5000K, G13 base $51.98 each

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