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Directional Flexible LED Strips point the light in a direction. Directional, or sideview flexible LED strips are excellent for signage and cove lighting, especially for narrow or curving spaces, or slim channel letters (indoor use only please).

sideview flexible led strips

sideview flexible led stripsDirectional or Side-View Flexible SMD LED Ribbon Light Strips made with low profile SMD LEDs available in daylight white, warm white, blue, green, red and yellow Small size and cool light output make this flexible LED strip an excellent choice for edge lighting, back lighting, cove lighting, anywhere that you need to point the light in a specific direction. Connector shown is older style. We now have EZ clamp down connectors.

Specifications for 1 meter: 

 ◦ Premium Quality - no cheap component substitutes. 

◦ 60 LEDs per meter 

◦ 8mm w x 2mm H x 5 meters per reel 

◦ Cuttable every 3 LEDs 

◦ Includes wire leads at one end and pre-attached 3M mounting tape 

◦ Current consumption: 3000mA per reel; 600mA per meter 

◦ Working temperature: -10° to 50 ° C (14° to 122° F) 

 ◦ Working voltage 12 VDC 

◦ View Angle 120 degrees 

Wavelength/CCT: Red 625-630nM; Amber 590-595nM; Blue 465-470nM; Green 515-520nM; Daylight White 5500-6500K; Warm White 3000-3300

◦ Lumens: Red 44-54; Amber 42-50; Blue 29-36; Green 76-96; White 100; Daylight White 85

◦ Cuts . ~ 3' is 54 LEDs, 600mA;~ 6' is 108 LEDs, 1200mA; ~9' is 165 LEDs, 1800mA; ~ 12' is 219 LEDs, 2400mA 

◦Full reels are 5 meters long, ~ 16' ◦1 Full reel consumes 3A 

◦One connector is supplied with each cut piece. One connector is supplied with each full reel. These may be factory attached connectors at reel ends, or one of ours.

◦Warranty 2 years

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ez connectors ez couplers double connectors

EZ Solderless Connectors: A connector at one end and two wires at the other for connection to your power supply. Instructions here. Solderless EZ Couplers are for connecting two pieces of flexible LED strip close together. Double ended connectors are for making turns.

Sideview Flexible Strip Reels

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