Fire Vulcan C4 LED Rechargeable Lantern for Firefighters

Fire Fighters LED lantern with tail lights for safety

fire vulcan led lantern

Fire Vulcan C4 LED Rechargeable Lantern by Streamlight. So light it floats.

The brightest rechargeable LED lantern in its class is brighter, lighter and smarter. The life-saving taillights are just part of what makes the rechargeable Fire Vulcan LED such a critical fire fighting tool. C4 LED technology and our special reflector make it 5 times brighter than competing lights. It’s lighter too, about 45% lighter than the halogen Fire Vulcan.

  • C4 LED, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hr lifetime
  • Light Output: High – 80,000 candela peak beam intensity and 145 lumens measured system output; Low – 40,000 candela peak beam intensity and 70 lumens measured system output; Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a tight beam with optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation; Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity
  • Ultra-bright blue taillight LEDs make certain you can be seen even in thick smoke
  • Two lightweight lithium ion nanotechnology cells; recharges in 5 hrs
  • Run times: Steady high LED & taillights: up to 3 hrs to the 10% output level; low: up to 6 hrs
  • 8 programmable switch functions: Steady High LED/Steady Taillight; Steady Low LED/Steady taillights; Steady High LED/No taillights; No LED/Steady taillights; Steady High LED/Blinking taillights; Steady Low LED/Blinking taillights; Blinking High LED/No taillights; and No LED/Blinking taillights.
  • Charger base meets requirements of NFPA 1901
  • Reinforced D-Rings
  • Easy to operate toggle switch
  • IPX7 rated design - waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Fits existing Streamlight Vulcan chargers
  • Two models: Standard System with AC/DC and Vehicle Mount with 12V DC direct wire charging rack; both models include a quick release buckle strap
  • We stock Part Number 44450 - This is the Fire Vulcan LED Standard System, 120VAC with quick release shoulder strap, charging rack and both AC and DC chargers. Other available options are 12V vehicle mount systems, 230V systems, 240V systems, 100V systems and the Fire Vulcan alone, without charger. Please email for help.
  • Lightweight. Just 1.85 lbs
  • Serialized for positive identification
  • Warranty: Streamlight flashlights, lanterns and head lights carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See details here. Warranty does NOT cover damage due to use of improper battery type.
Fire Vulcan UPC 44450 MSRP $281.00; our price $189.75