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FlareAlert Beacon Pro Electronic Safety Flares made with LEDs

Replace unsafe and hazardous incendiary type emergency flares. For Corporate, Military, Government, Personal, and Commercial Users

Flare Alert flashing LED traffic control beacons are tough-built roadside or emergency LED flares that are brighter and safer than the incendiary type. They will turn on every time; no waste like incendiaries.

The colored LEDs can flash or remain on in constant mode and are visible from 3 miles away, making the FlareAlert Beacon Pros some of the brightest roadside/emergency flares available today.

With the weighted base, the Flare Alerts can be used as helicopter landing zone lights. Weather resistant and crush resistant. Included is a Two Year Warranty for the FlareAlert Beacon Pro. Product Highlights - see Flare Alert product brochure for all details. See Feedback

Contact us for pricing on multiple cases or kits. We'll be happy to assemble kits for you upon request.

flare aleert beacon pro red and amber

Beacon Pro Red or Amber

$23.25 each

flare alert beacom pro green blue and white

Beacon Pro Green, Blue or White

$25.25 each

small storage bag

Empty Small Storage Bag holds up to 3 Beacon Pros, Batteries and Weighted Base

$11.50 each

large storage bag

Empty Large Storage Bag holds up to 8 Beacon Pros, Batteries, Weighted Bases and Cone Adapters

$17.95 each

flare alert cone adapter

Universal Cone Adapter - will hold one Beacon/Beacon Pro on each side. Cone Adapter screws into Base, or is pressed into the ground.

$9.50 each

flare alert weighted base

Universal Threaded Weighted Bases. Attaches to the Beacons and Beacon Pros. Heavy enough to prevent the wind from knocking them over when the Cone Adapter and FlareAlert is placed on it. When the weighted base is used, the FlareAlert is suitable for use as a helicopter landing zone light.

$9.50 each

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