FlareAlert Beacon Pro Electronic Safety Flares made with LEDs

Replace unsafe and hazardous incendiary type emergency flares. For Corporate, Military, Government, Personal, and Commercial Users


Flare Alert flashing LED traffic control beacons are tough-built roadside or emergency LED flares that are brighter and safer than the incendiary type. They will turn on every time; no waste like incendiaries.

The colored LEDs can flash or remain on in constant mode and are visible from 3 miles away, making the FlareAlert Beacon Pros some of the brightest roadside/emergency flares available today.

With the weighted base, the Flare Alerts can be used as helicopter landing zone lights. Weather resistant and crush resistant. Included is a Two Year Warranty for the FlareAlert Beacon Pro only. Product Highlights - see Flare Alert product brochure for all details.

Contact us for pricing on multiple cases or kits. We'll be happy to assemble kits for you upon request.

FlareAlert Beacon Pro
List Price Red or Amber $28.50
Beacon Pro, Red or Amber
FlareAlert Beacon Pro
Blue, White, $31.50
Beacon Pro, Blue, or White. Green available by special order, 25 MPQ
List Price $12.50
Small Empty Storage Bag Holds up to 3 Beacons or Beacon Pros, Batteries, and Weighted Bases - Our price 10.50 each.
List Price $23.95
Large Empty Storage Bag Holds up to 8 Beacons or Beacon Pros, Batteries, Weighted Bases and Cone Adapters. Our Price $18.95 ea.
List Price $11.95
Universal Cone Adapter - will hold one Beacon/Beacon Pro on each side. Cone Adapter screws into Base, or is pressed into the ground. Our Price $9.95 ea
List Price $11.95
Universal Threaded Weighted Bases. Attaches to the Beacons and Beacon Pros. Heavy enough to prevent the wind from knocking them over when the Cone Adapter and FlareAlert is placed on it. When the weighted base is used, the FlareAlert is suitable for use as a helicopter landing zone light. Our price $9.95.

Feedback from GA Dept. of Transportation

I had an opportunity to try the Flare Alerts and am convinced that they will serve the purpose for which I intended them. I travel the State of Georgia in the course of my job and often run across accidents in which an Emergency Lane Closure is needed. Some of these are at night. In the evaluation, I placed the Flare Alert as if to close a single lane and to close the entire roadway. I found that your product makes the night time closure a much safer operation due to the ability of being able to set them out and leave them alone and not have to baby sit as you would with the fused type flares. The fear of fire is always an issue with the fu see type and the danger of having to replace the burned out fuse is gone with your product.

What made me contact you in the first place was me working an accident in which I had to close the entire road for a period of 4 1/2 hours. Needless to say I burned several of the fused type flares and thought something must be better than what we currently use.

I displayed the Flare Alert for management and they were as impressed as well. Today I had an order placed for 3 more sets of 6, and plan to order 3 more in the very near future. I also have sent the information that I have provided you to other areas of the Department in hopes that they will feel the same as I do about your product.

Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate Flare Alert.

Richard Wall
Pavement Marking Manager Asst.
GA Dept. of Transportation
Forest Park GA 30297