Line voltage and Low Voltage LED Flood lights, spotlights, power out lights, motion sensing floods and solar flood lights

Commercial LED Flood lights and Spot lights for lighting buildings, billboards and outdoor security lighting - 12VDC to 277VAC


LED Floodlights and Spotlights in 12-24VDC or 120-277 VAC. For security lighting, billboard lighting, general yard and building lighting. LED vandal resistant wallpacks make great solar bus stop lights.

Low Voltage LED Floodlights and Wallpack Lights, US made with Cree LEDs. Can be used with an AC-DC transformer or with a solar power station.

small low voltage led flood light
9 Watt 3 LED Floodlight 1160 lumen output. Solar ready.

3 LED low voltage flood light
9-18 Watt 3 and 6 LED Floodlights
1200-2340 lumen output. Solar ready

12 and 18 LED low voltage flood lights
18-33 Watt 12 and 18 LED Flood lights
4020-5920 lumen output. Solar ready.

low voltage LED wallpack lights
9-18 Watt 3 and 6 LED Wallpack Lights 1200-2340 lumen output. Solar ready.

120-277VAC LED Spotlights, Flood lights and Motiona Sensing Security Flood lights, Buy American Act Compliant, solar models available. LED Power Out lights with battery backup available. Professional grade LM79/80 tested.

led spotlights
78 Watt LED Spotlights 4100-6227 lumen output. Slipfitter or trunnion.

78W led flood lights
18-78 Watt LED Flood lights
1075-5927 lumen output. Slipfitter, trunnion, and battery backup models

led wallpack lights
5-104W LED Wallpack Lights
128-8902 lumen output. Battery backup and solar models.