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LED Fun Stuff - LED Gifts and Gadgets

LED desk lamps, LED task lights, LED book lights, Wherever lights, LED gift ideas, flexible neck LED clamp on lights

LEDs for Pets

leds for pets

LED medallions, collar covers and leashes for your pet when you walk at night or early morning.


LED Safety Vests

led safety vest

Great gift idea for folks who run or walk, crossing guards, roadside workers. Be seen and be safe.


Smart Desk Lamp

desk lamp with usb port

Handsome desk lamp has a built in USB charger. Charge your phone at your desk top


Night Reader LED

flexible neck led reading light

Flexible neck and sturdy clamp. It's a LED work light, a LED reading light and a LED task light


Wireless LED Desk Lamps

wireless led desk lamps

Battery operated LED desk lamps with a flexible light arm is rechargeable and can be wall mounted


Lightwedge LED Book Lights

lightwedge book lights

Sorry, Sold Out

Colored LED Bike Spoke Lights

led bike spoke lights

Bright LED spoke lights not only keep you safe, but they're such fun! See also front and rear LED bike lights for safety


LED Enhanced Bike Saddle Bags

bike saddle bag with red led tail light

With a red LED, the saddle bag doubles as a tail light and stores your tools and personal item safely and securely.


Red LED Helmet Markers

red led helmet markers

These LED helmet markers are super thin and attach to almost anything..


SlapLit LED Wrist Marker Bands

slapLit wrist bands

13.9" long, the SlapLit fits on a wrist, ankle or arm. You can hang it too.


All Personal Safety LED Products

all personal safety led products

See all bike lights, arm bands, marker lights, helmet lights


Wherever USB LED Light

wherever light

USB plugs into your computer. Included accessory adapts for auto.


Flare Alert

flare alerts

LED safety beacon takes the place of those smoky flares. Great gift for anyone to keep in the car or RV.


The Knucklehead

knucklehead work light

A hands free LED lighting tool anyone will love. Just a few left, so get yours at a great savings.


Attachable LEDs

attachable leds

ZipLit or BugLit attach to a zipper or just about anything. The BugLit is fun to own too.


Handle Band

handle band smart phone mount for bikes

Smart phone mount keeps your mobile device secure on almost any handle bar.

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