Globe Shaped White LED Light Bulbs - LED Light Bulbs for Bathroom Fixtures and Wall Fixtures

 globe shaped led light bulbs

Globe Shaped LED Light Bulbs - LED Light Bulbs for bathroom fixtures and wall fixtures

Made with Cree® LEDs. Patented design. Unique heat sink leads to high brightness. These LED light bulbs come in daylight white or warm white. E27 standard household medium base fits in your regular household sockets. For indoor use only. Do not enclose in an airtight fixture.

globe shaped led light bulbs

Globe Shaped LED Light Bulbs - Type A

Prominent round shape of this LED light bulb and wide view angle is great for anywhere you want a broad light spread.

Great LED light bulbs for bath strips.

Cree LEDs, available in warm white.

Clearance Sale $6.00 each. Pricing good only while on hand stock remains.

  • E27 Standard household medium base
  • Operating Voltage: 110-240 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Visual Light Output Comparison: 25-30 W
  • White plastic globe
  • Contains 3 ea 2W, 120 degree view angle high power Cree LEDs
  • IP 54 rated
  • 240 lumens
  • Dimensions: 125 mm (4.9") L x 63 mm (2.5") wide, tip of base to top of bulb.
  • Color Temperature: 3500-4000K Warm White; very pleasant color
  • 1 Year Warranty
Globe Shaped LED Light Bulbs Type A - Warm White $24.75 each Clearance - $6.00 each
1 Year Warranty does not cover products which have been subject to misuse, accident, operating or environment conditions that deviate from the conditions listed in the specifications; or have been improperly installed, stored, maintained, repaired or altered. Warranty is given to the original purchaser and may not be assigned or transferred. Understand that we will not be able to replace this exact bulb but will offer a credit against a new purchase instead.