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LED Landscape Lighting - LED Outdoor Lighting - Low Voltage Line Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Find quality LED products for landscape projects large or small, whether you need a single waterproof LED light or professional grade bollards or step lights.

LED MicroStars

LED microstars

Low voltage single LED landscaping lights for a star-like effect. White and colors.

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3-9 LED Clusters

LED triclusters and 9 stars

Low voltage 3 and 9 LED landscape lights in various shapes and sizes

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Northstar Single LED

northstar single led lights

Low voltage flush mount single LED lights for landscape accents

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Flush Mount LED Lights

flush mount led landscape lights

Larger Northstar type LED landscaping lights in white Cree and 5mm colors

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LED Floodlight Holders

led floodlight holders

Outdoor Flood Holders, quick mount and wired. Use our outdoor LED PAR lamps

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Cree LED Nova Floodlights

cree led landscape flood lights

Low voltage landscape floodlights for 1/2" pipe thread or 2" mounting.

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RAB LED Landscape Floodlights

rab landscape floodlights

5W line voltage floods in brass, bronze, black, white and Verde

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Exterior Wall Accent Lighting

cree led wall lights

Low Voltage LED landscaping lights for walls and side lights

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RGB In-Ground LED Lighting

rgb color changing landscape lighting

Low voltage RGB color changing lighting for in ground or in pavers

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Rectangular LED Wall Washers

rectangular led wall washers

36 RGB LED Wall Washers for a more focused lighting effect

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Linear LED Wall Washers for long runs

linear led wall washers

30 RGB LED Wall Washers for those longer linear lighting runs

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Waterproof Flexible LED Strips

waterproof flexible led strips

Use under hand rails or to accent architectural features outdoors

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RAB Bollard Lighting

rab led bollards

Rectangular, round, square and solar line voltage LED bollards in various finishes and heights

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RAB Spots and Floods

rab led landscaping lights

There is a size, shape, finish and light output for your project including solar and line voltage

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RAB Exterior Step Lights

led step lights

In white or bronze, RAB line voltage LED step lights for stairways, decks, landscaping or entrances.

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All RAB LED Lighting

rab led landscape lighting

Many made in the USA with all the necessary commercial certifications and data. Let us help you.

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If you do not see exactly what you need for your LED landscape project, let us know. We are frequently able to source special need items within a short turn around time. And for example, some of our products are available by special order in a slightly different package. LED MicroStars can be had in 24VDC, as can flexible LED strip.

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