LED Light Fixtures - Low voltage and Line Voltage - 12VDC and 120-277V LED Light Fixtures

LED downlights, LED recessed can replacements, LED panel lights, LED pucks, surface and recess mount LED lighting options for your lighting project


LED Downlights and recessed ceiling light retrofits and track lighting with LEDs turn energy gobbling light fixtures into energy saving, long lasting light fixtures

led can light retrofits
4, 5 or 6" dimmable LED recessed can retrofits120VAC; 650-1200 lumens; 120VAC; adjustable or standard
LED ceiling light retrofits
LED Ceiling Light Retrofit Kits 120VAC, simple plug in power feed connection
led track lighting
Track Lighting with LEDs
Track lighting packages - everything you need

LED Ceiling Lights - LED panels, troffers, lay-ins, surface mount options, track lighting. Line voltage and low voltage.

Line voltage and low voltage LED Puck Lights in Corian, black, satin nickel, and adjustables in white LED or color changing RGB LED

Smaller and single LED fixtures in white and colors for accent lighting, niches, cabinets, ceiling 'starry effects', and great for many art projects

Other LED Fixture categories you can browse

Standard Light Fixtures and Fans - Llight fixtures perfectly suited for LED light bulbs

LED Under Cabinet Lighting- Strips from 12" to 45" for many lighting jobs

LED Landscape Fixtures large and small in a voltage and size to fit your lighting application

Comercial LED Lighting - everything from bollards to high bays to parking lot lights, commercial pendants and power out lights