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LED Gifts and Gadgets

  1. $18.95

    Handle Band

    Smart phone mount keeps your mobile device secure on almost any handle bar.

    Handle Band SmartPhone Universal Bar Mount - Clear - $18.95 each

  2. $13.95

    LED Dog Collar Cover

    What an idea! Attaches to your pet's collar.

    Two modes - glow and flash.

    Have two dogs? Now you'll know who's who and

    who's where during that early morning or after dark walk


    LED Collar Cover, Select Gray or Pink. $13.95 each

  3. $4.49

    LED Dog Collar Medallion

    White LED only. Sorry, red has been discontinued.

    Still this is yet another great ide for those of us who have more than one dog.

    You can utilize glow mode or flashing mode so you know who's who and where they are


    SpotLit Pet, White LED $4.49 each

  4. $15.75

    LED Pet Leash

    You can see the oncoming vehicles, but can those drivers see you? Be seen!

    LED Dog Leash, Red, $15.75 each

  5. $24.95

    LED Safety Vests

    Great gift idea for folks who run or walk,

    crossing guards, roadside workers. Be seen and be safe.

    Order LED Safety Vests

    $24.95 each

  6. $239.00

    Smart Desk Lamp

    Handsome desk lamp has a built in USB charger.

    Charge your phone at your desk top


    Smart Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port,

    Bali Brass; $239.00 includes 1 free Omni 100W LED Lamp


    Smart Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Brushed Steel;

    $239.00 includes 1 free Omni 100W LED Lamp