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High Power LED Light Bulbs, Many Energy Star Qualified

Household base LED Light Bulbs, MR16 LED Bulbs, LED Flood and Spot Bulbs, Sign Bulbs and LED Bulbs for Solar Systems. Premium LED Light Bulbs - high quality, excellent color consistency and performance LED bulbs for general use.

LED Filament Lamps

With the look and feel of a traditional light bulb. Smooth dimming, high brightness, and true 360 degree omni-directional light output. All are UL listed for damp location and for use in totally enclosed fixtures. A huge plus! Images below are linked..

bt15 led filament lamps
a19 led filament lamps
amber led filament lamps
blunt tip led filament lamps medium base
blunt tip led filament lamps candelabra base
flame tip led filament lamps medium base
flame tip led filament lamps candelabra base
g25 led filament lamps

60 & 75W LED Replacement Bulbs

60 & 75W LED bulbs

True A19 shape, 300-360 degree omni directional


40 & 60W LED Replacement Bulbs

economy LED bulbs

240 degree light spread at a bargain price


100W LED Replacement Bulbs

75-100W LED bulbs

300 degree omni directional, clean white


3 Way LED Replacement Bulbs

3 way led bulbs

30-70-100 3 way LED bulbs; traditional size!


LED Candelabra Blunt & Flame Tip Bulbs

led candelabra bulbs

Flame tip and blunt tip LED candelabra bulbs


LED A15 Appliance Bulbs

a15 led bulbs

Works in the fridge and also good for shallow glass bath strips


LED T10 Picture Light Type

t10 led bulbs

For picture lights or podium lights, the tube shaped LED bulbs


G16 1/2 and G25 Globe LED Bulbs

globe shape led bulbs

Typically found in bath strips and some chandeliers and ceiling fans


PAR Type RGB LED Bulbs

rgb led bulbs par type

Remote controlled. All the light points down toward a surface


A19 Type RGBW LED Bulbs

rgb led bulbs a19 type

Remote controlled. Provides ambient color changing light output.


Low Wattage LED Bulbs

low wattage led bulbs

25W equivalent. White and colors in stock.


Colored A19 Bulbs

colored led bulbs

Red, green, yellow, orange and blue.


GU10 LED Light Bulbs

gu10 led bulbs

120VAC input, warm white and cool white in stock.


MR16 LED Light Bulbs

mr16 led bulbs

12V input, warm white and cool white in stock


G4, G9, BA15S LED Bulbs

led halogen replacement bulbs

12 and 120V LED bulbs to replace halogen lamps


12VDC-AC LED Bulbs

12V led bulb medium base

12VDC/VAC input for off grid or solar use. Medium base.


12VDC Input 2 Wire LED Bulbs

12V wired led bulbs

A lot of light from a little package. Great cabin light. Two wire connection.


Indoor-Outdoor LED Par38's

indoor-outdoor led par lamps

Good even for bare lamp holders, rugged 120VAC input LED PAR lamps


Indoor LED R20, R30 & R40's

led reflector lamps

LED Floodlights in three sizes to fit track lights and recessed ceiling lights.


BR40 Powerful LED Floodlights

250w led replacement bulbs

The Big Daddy. Equivalent to a 250 watt incandescent floodlight. Low power use!


Colored LED PAR 38 Lamps

colored led par lamps

Red, green, blue, yellow and orange. Some are wildlife friendly


Warm Tone Dimming

warm tone dimming led lamps

New technology dims down to 2200K with a standard household dimmer


U-Bend LED Tubes

led u bend tubes

New U bend LED tubes, 3 base types and 3 pin spacings


LED HID Replacements

led hid replacement bulbs

Replace up to 750W incandescent bulbs. Medium and mogul base.


LED Elevator Lamps

led elevator lamps

Miniature bulbs are special order with a short lead time.


Lamp Base Adapters

lamp base adapters

Use the bulb you want by changing the base size


LED Exit Sign Bulbs

red led exit sign bulbs

Red LED exit sign bulbs, complete with adapters.


Dimmers for LED bulbs

line voltage dimmers for leds

Specially made to work with LED light bulbs

LED Bargains

And for the Bargain Hunters ...

We keep our LED light bulb inventory up to date. When we are able to bring in batter, brighter LED bulbs with even better features and warranty, we do that. Orphans, widows and older technology head into our Bargain Basement. Looking for some great deals or just want to try a LED bulb for the first time? Check it out.

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