Not sure which low voltage transformers you need for your LED light fixtures? This simple guide will help.


When a LED light fixture operates at low voltage (12 or 24VDC), you will need to step down your household current (120VAC) by using an AC-DC transformer. Which one you will need will depend upon the amount of power required by your LED light fixtures in the total installation.

To size your transformer, simply add up the mA consumption of the product you are purchasing to arrive at a total consumption in Amps or milliamps and de-rate that total by 20%.

Example: Our Flush Mount LED ceiling lights operate at 24VDC and consume 410mA each. If you were going to install just one of those, you would need a 24VDC output transformer with a maximum capacity of at least 410mA. If you were going to install eight of these, you would have 8 x 410 = 3280mA.

Now, go to our transformer page. The first 24VDC output option you will see is our TX-8A. That has a maximum capacity of 2000mA. It would be fine for just one flush mount LED ceiling light, but would be too small to handle eight. Our PS 124 has a maximum capacity of 3600mA. So it would be fine for your installation of 8 pieces as long as you are sure you aren't going to want to add more lights later. If you think you may, step up to the PS 224.

Please contact us about your larger installations. We can special order larger transformers within a very short turn around time. We're here to help customize your installations.