Several Options for LED Cabinet Lighting to Consider

There are several types of LED lighting to consider for effectively lighting cabinets, curios and displays. We'll take a look at each one and discuss the advantages of each.

120VAC Linkable LED Cabinet Lights

These LED cabinet lights come in a variety of sizes from 9" long to 45" long, so it's easy for us to help you with a completely customized installaiton. Direct wire to 120VAC eliminates the need for a transformer. Modular link cords also come in various lengths. You can make installation as simple as using a power cord which simply plugs into an outlet. Or, you can install directly to a junction box.

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New Ultra Slim 120VAC Linkable LED Cabinet Lights

Very similar to the product at the left, these 120VAC LED Cabinet Lights can also be simply plugged into an outlet or hard wired to a junction box.  What makes them highly desirable is a very low profile. Only 0.708" tall and 0.826" wide they fit under cabinets with shallow lips. All of the light points downward so there is no side-glare issue. Length options are from 6" up to 30" and you can run up to 65 feet in one run.

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24VDC Modular LED Cabinet Lights

These LED cabinet lights are also modular as the ones noted above. These are particularly good for custom cabinetry as there are several sizes to choose from, all of which can be easily linked together. The longest length (45") is ideal for cove lighting or up lighting the space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling for a dramatic lighting effect. Various color temperatures are available. 

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12VDC RV & Solar Ready LED Cabinet Lights

Although these cabinet lights can be used anywhere, the customer wanting to utilize battery power will find these most useful. A low power level is an option for when you want to conserve battery energy. They are also designed to take a momentary voltage spike which will happen from time to time during the charge cycle. Great for RV's, off-grid homes, and for use with solar or wind generating systems. Two lengths available.

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120VAC LED Puck Lights

Bright, compact, and no transformer to deal with, LED puck lights can be used for cabinet lighting easily and quickly. A touch control dimmer is available. These can be installed individually or chained together with just one outlet to occupy. Black is the color of choice for LED puck lights these days. They can be surface or flush mounted as you wish.  Sleek Satin Nickel finish is also offered to suit your particular decor.

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Why RGB you say? Because an RGB LED light gives you so many options. With the use of a color controller, you can select various light patterns for movement and interest. You can also select a solid color, and change that color at will. What a way to enhance your holiday decorations or prepare for a theme party or dinner. Moving, colored light plays quite nicely with crystal and other objects in your display cases.

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Although  not the product of choice for kitchens as you will want a more enclosed, finished look, Flexible LED Strip is worth a mention here. In kitchens, it can be protected by aluminum channel and lens covers. For other applications such as curios and bookcases, it can be used bare.  

If you're still wondering which ones, what color, or how many to use, please let us help. All of these products are in stock in our lighting showroom and we can surely answer your detailed questions.

Thank you for coming to today. We appreciate that very much and look forward to serving you.