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Dutch Fork High School Band

Courtesy of Chris Cothran

high school band sign lit with leds

A couple months ago I ordered some LED lights to install on the semi trailer for the high school band. I promised a couple pictures and thought you could use a chuckle. The lights were exactly the right size to do what we wanted...to install in the eyes on the fox logo so they would glow red. We made a simple system with 2 6v lantern batteries in series, added the little voltage regulator on the output side and voila! Wicked red eyes.

The band didn't know we had installed them, so on Saturday we had the first (of 7) competitions...about a 2 hour run up near Clemson. We lit them up about dusk and I have to tell you, the reactions were better than anticipated! The band loved them, and as it grew darker those tiny LED's really glowed. The stadium was on one side of the property and warm up area was on the other. Our trailer was right in the middle so each band had to walk by us on the way to their performance. I wish you could have seen the looks. They all just stared as they walked by, whispered to each other "check THAT out...", that sort of thing. And they were visible for a full quarter mile. No exaggeration. You could see them from a parking lot that distance away...clearly see them. Coolest thing you ever saw!

To make it even better I left them on when I drove the truck back to Columbia down the interstates and cross country. People stared and pointed. Geez those things are BRIGHT!

Dutch Fork High School


at darkat dusksemi

See the LED Microstars lit at dusk, and then in full darkness. Click images to enlarge. Also shown is the semi so you can see how large the sign is.

Microstars are a very small LED landscaping light available in white, blue, red and amber.

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