LED Lighting for Rv's and Trailers

Large or small, interior or exterior, we have LED lighting products for your RV or trailer

  In case you missed it, we have a full section of speciality LED lights perfectly suited for RV and trailer use. You can use these specialty LED lighting products with no worries of over-voltage. See the whole line here.
The Bell of Honor

What an honor to help with this LED lighting project!

bell of honor trailer lit with LEDs

The nonprofit organization Soldier’s Field Memorial contacted our team at The LED Light in 2010 for help on a project honoring American veterans. While they have helped to set up the Soldier’s Field Veterans Memorial in Rochester, Minnesota the group also travels around the country, helping honor the funerals of fallen soldiers. This is a project under the name of Bell of Honor referring to the 100 year old bell at 3,080 lbs. they carry with them to ring at such events. Our team of LED experts joined with the Soldier’s Field Memorial to light the trailer that carries the bell using LED lighting. The trailer is adorned with huge graphics depicting American soldiers and images of the Bell of Honor. The group used our waterproof flexible LED strip lighting in daylight white to accent the designs of their trailer. We also helped the group keep their American flags illuminated through the night using our LED flood lights. The LED Light was honored to be included in such an important project remembering our veterans and fallen soldiers.

Interior RV LED Lighting

Creative LED lighting ideas abound here!

interior rv light retrofit with led strips

At The LED Light we want to help you light your life in every application with LED lighting products. As we have expressed before, we do not carry products like head lights or tail lights, however we have helped many customers utilize LEDs in their RVs and automobiles in a number of creative ways.
The picture shown is a common, more long-term fix for replacing a T4 bulb in your mobile home or RV.  The two ends of our flexible LED strip light fit directly into the pinch connector where a bulb would have gone. The fixture looks totally normal once covered by its lens. A voltage regulator is needed for this type of mobile LED lighting project to accommodate regulated 12VDC power output. Our flexible LED strip lighting is a bright and easy solution to RV indoor or outdoor lighting. For more RV lighting ideas and solutions visit our RV and Solar Ready LED Lighting page or please contact us for help.