LED Lighting for Sculpture and Art

Our LED lighting professionals can help to light your next sculpture with LEDs, indoors or outdoors.

federalsburg fire department plaque

Federalsburg Maryland Fire Department Podium

Doug Ramey contacted us for help with lighting their podium. He wanted the lighting to be flexible and battery operated as well as dimmable. Please click the image to see the full length. The front is clear glass with an etched logo. Doug wanted to illuminate the logo. 

Brittney helped Doug to put together the right lengths of our flexible LED strips and was also able to provide him with battery holders. The length of the strips are about 3' with a current draw of only 600mA, making battery operation feasible. 

Sculpture Art in Denver CO - Kevin Curry, Artist

We collaborated with artist Kevin Curry in 2012 to help light his sculpture Face the Sun in Denver, Colorado with LED lighting products. The piece is made of Plexiglas boxes, each with a steel base set into concrete. Kevin contacted us while working on the project, looking to light the three decorated forms of his sculpture from the base up. He decided to use three of our LED flood lights, each with three bright LEDs in place to project light up into his sculpture. All three LED lights are connected to one transformer with enough power to run the whole piece. Kevin was also interested in using a dusk-to-dawn motion sensor, so the sculpture would light up on its own as the sun set. Consultation with our team helped him to successfully complete his project. Face the Sun can be seen on the corner of Tennyson and 41st Street in Denver, complimenting the surrounding area. As the sun sets, our LED lights bring the sculpture to life in the dark, cutting into the evening sky with splashes of brilliant color and light.

LED Fixture Selected: Our LED Floodlights. The sculpture is lit from the underside.

If you are an artist in the Reno/Carson area, come into our store to see how we can help with your creative projects. If you are not local but have questions about how we helped Kevin or are interested in learning how we can help you with your LED lighting projects, contact us. We are glad to help and have creative lighting ideas to share with you.

Sculpture Lighting with LEDs, Michigan Airport Artist Lee Klein

Lee Klein contacted us for help on an airport sculpture piece in early February of 2012. The sculpture is structured like a painting, with a thick black frame around the image of a plane flying around the globe. Lee wanted to insert LED lights into the frame of the piece that could shine inward toward the center of the sculpture. The background of the piece is made of reflective material that made lighting complicated because all lights would reflect off the background and be visible by onlookers. Lee first tested a segment of side view LED ribbon strip which projects the LED light at a side angle from the strip, but ultimately decided to purchase a few reels of our regular flexible LED light strip in day light white. The whole piece is powered by one of our transformers, hidden in the back of the sculpture. Our flexible LED ribbon strip provided a bright enough light to illuminate the center of the sculpture, accenting the reflective surfaces of the piece, without creating too much of a glare off of the background. This was another successful collaboration that our professional LED lighting team takes pride in having been a part of.

Stained Glass Illumination with LED Lights Artist Frances Land

Frances Land of Indiana created this stunning stained glass representation of the Last Supper set into a wooden frame. One of the most important facets of stained glass art is the way light moves through the glass. Fran contacted us for help illuminating her artwork with LED lighting. Using 9 feet of flexible LED strip lighting in daylight white, Fran was able to line the inner border of the picture, lighting it from behind. The flexible LED strip simulates daylight streaming through a window. The whole piece is powered by a small transformer set in the frame behind the image, making it simple to plug into the wall. We offer a number of different LED lighting products suitable for back lighting and edge lighting. Contact one of our LED lighting specialists for help today.