Drivers for LEDs

Drive LEDs without resistors


Xitanium 25W LED Driver LED120A0012V21F 25W Driver Data Sheet

This 25 watt driver provides a constant voltage output for operating LED systems requiring a nominal 12VDC voltage. - Provide appropriate DC current level to LEDs. Meet approbation requirements (UL, CSA, FCC) - Short-circuit protection - Class 2 electrical insulation. See Data sheets to determine if this LED driver is right for your application

25W Xitanium Drivers - 10 in stock $45.00 each

MicroPucks are available in several versions.

Model #2009-H powers a 1 watt LED at 350ma/2.5v with two rechargeable batteries. Model #2009A is the standard single 1 watt driver at 350mA and will drive a 1 watt LED or strings of 5mm LEDs from 2 alkaline cells or another 3v power source.

[ Micro Puck LED Driver Data Sheet ] [ Micro Puck LED Driver Application Notes ]

MicroPucks 2009A (350mA), 2009A H (400mA) and 2009A SHO (500mA)

Power Puck LED Drivers are available in four versions.

All 350mA models have been designed to power one or two 1 Watt LEDs or strings of 5mm LEDs. All 700mA models will handle (1) 5 Watt LED, (4) 1 Watt LEDs, or strings of 5mm LEDs.

Power Pucks 2008B, 350mA, or 1000mA . 700mA is special order, 20 pcs min. Contact us for help.
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The 3021 BuckPuck LED power modules are a line of true current regulated drivers for LEDs.

Unlike standard power supplies, which deliver a fixed voltage to the output, the 3021 is designed to vary the output voltage as required to deliver a constant current to the LED(s) reliably and with stability. See data sheets below.

Buck Pucks, 700 or 1000mA with external controls, 1000mA with on board controls
3021 HEP, Optional Wiring Harness
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The 4015 BoostPuck driver exhibits very high efficiency and requires no external current limiting resistors or additional heat sinks.

A fast response current sensing circuit makes the 4015 BoostPuck ideal for applications where flashing or strobe operations of the LED is desired

[ Boost Puck Data Sheet ] [ Boost Puck Applications ]

4015 Boost Pucks, DE350 or DI 350. DI 350 has on board trim
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The extremely small form factor of the 4032 BuckToot Driver makes it the ideal choice for many MR-11 and MR-16 integration applications

Good for small confined space applications since it can be easily incorporated into the housing assembly. See how the BuckToot is connected to the amber array image.

See Buck Toot's data sheets.

4032 Buck Toot