Colored LED Strips

led light bars

Colored LED Strips are built with 12 ea. surface mount, smd LED. They measure 12" L x 0.825" W and operate on 12 Volts DC. Height of the LED Strip is 3/8" w/o the Mounting Track, and 11/16" with the Mounting Track. Unique circuit board design allows for the LED Strips to be quickly turned into four 3 inch/3 LED sections or two 6 inch bars with no soldering. Mounting Tracks, Strip Connectors and Power Supply Jumper are also offered. Colored LED Strip applications include:

**Interior Channel Letters ** Interior Sign Illumination **Indirect Accent Decor Lighting **Large area Back Lighting **in Cabinets and furniture **Base Board Lighting **Soffit Lights **Wall Sconces **

Complete product description and installation instructions Here. Review before ordering!

Luminous Intensity
per LED
Current Draw
per 12 Inch Bar
Deg View Angle
525 NM
3000 mcd
88 ma
630 NM
8000 mcd
250 ma
590 NM
1100 mcd
250 ma

LED Light barsThese products require the use of a Transformer. Which size?? Multiply the "Current Draw" from the table above for your color by the number of units to be powered. The result is the total current draw or amperage you will need. Derate your transformer by 20% for safety. Low voltage dimmers are also available. Click here.

90 day Warranty does not cover damage due to overpowering this device. Please order your adequately sized, regulated transformer now. Voltage regulators are available for battery use. Click here.

12 inch LED Strips, Amber Green or Red.
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LED Light bars
Strip Connecting Wire - $0.20 ea
LED Light bars
Strip To Transformer Wire - $0.20 ea
LED Light bars
2" x 1" x 0.5" Installation Tracks - $0.20 ea