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24 VDC 44 3/8" Ultra Slim Linear Display LED Strip Lights - Refrigerator Case LED Lights

Linear Display LED Strip Lights for refrigerated displays, freezer cases, longer display cases, ceiling lights, cove lighting
45 inch led display strip lights

24 VDC input 44 3/8" Ultra Slim Linear Display LED Strip Lights

Low profile LED Strip Lights are linkable for continuous lighting up to 150W. These LED strip lights are ideal for under cabinet applications, display cases and cabinet lighting, cove and soffit lighting, shelf lighting, trade show exhibits, signs, light boxes, edge lighting, residential closet, kitchen and bathroom lighting. Ultra Slim Linear Display LED Strip Lights are available in Cool White and Warm White. 

This is part of a completely modular LED strip lighting family. See other lengths and options. We also have  120VAC input linkable strip line-ups

modular link cords
modular couplers


◦Refrigeration Lighting ◦Freezer Case Lighting ◦Jewelry Case Lighting ◦Cabinet Interior Lighting ◦Stage Lighting ◦Product Display Lighting ◦Bar Back Lighting ◦Valance Lighting ◦Residential Closet Lighting ◦Under Cabinet Lighting ◦Cove and Soffit Lighting ◦Trade Show Exhibits ◦Signs and Light Boxes ◦Edge Lighting ◦Residential Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting


◦Dimensions: 1 1/8" W x 3/4" H x 44 3/8" L 

◦Materials: Machine Cut Aluminum Heat Dissipater; Satin Anodized Finish; Acrylic Lens Cover ◦

Light Source: 18 High Flux LED's (Phillips Rebels) 

◦LED View Angle: 110 degree 

◦Power Consumption: 23 watts - 1 Amp 

◦Lumens: 2464 lumens @ 5000K (+ or - 300K) Cool White; 1206 lumens @ 3000K (+ or - 300K) Warm White 

◦Optical Performance: 70 CRI Daylight White; 80 CRI Warm White

◦Operating Voltage:24 Volts DC

◦Operating Temperature: 4 °F to 104 °F (-20 to 40 C) 

◦Lumen Maintenance: 70% of original output at 50,000 hours 

◦Not for use in a completely sealed fixture with no ventilation 

◦Not for use in emergency exit fixtures or emergency lighting applications 

◦Not for use in areas exposed to the weather or condensation 

◦For use in dry locations only Humidity Range: 0 - 95% non condensing humidity 

◦Not dimmable 

◦RoHS Compliant

◦Warranty: 3 years

45" Modular LED Strips

Choose Warm White or Cool White $85.95 each

Mounting Brackets

Optional Swivel Brackets and Extra Standard Brackets, sets of (2)

Link Cords & Couplers

Choose length. Couplers are for side by side installation

Order your Power Supply

48W capacity, 24VDC, Max 150W per run. $39.95 each

Modular Link Cord, 6" Long with a 1.5" plug at each end. When connected there is 8" between fixtures. Modular Link Cord, 24" Long with a 1.5" plug at each end. When connected there is 26" between fixtures. 72" cord follows suit. 

Modular Coupler Set allows you to link one strip to another. It is 2" long and will create a 1" space in between the strips. 

Yes, we can help with power supplies for larger jobs. You will need to splice in this case. Contact us for help, or visit our transformer page if you're familiar with 24VDC terminal supplied power supplies

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