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Made in the USA

  1. $47.98
    T8 and T5 LED Tubes Replace fluorescent tubes with energy saving LEDs. These particular tubes are made in the USA
  2. $122.40

    Cree LED Nova Floodlights

    Low voltage landscape floodlights for 1/2"

    pipe thread or 2" mounting. Made in the USA

    XLLN3 LED Floodlights $122.40 each
  3. $59.00

    Exterior Wall Accent Lighting

    Low voltage LED landscaping lights for walls,

    steps and use as sidelights. Made in the USA.

    Order LED Wall Lights

    Damp Location LED Wall Lights 4900K Natural White - $77.50 each;

    On Sale while quantity on hand remains. $59.00 each.

    Current stock balance about 35 pieces. Factory Discontinued

  4. $64.78

    U-Bend Fluorescent LED Replacements

     U shaped tubes in various widths and all the pin variations you need

    Order U Bend Tubes

    5000K with G13 base. Select spacing.

    $64.78 each

  5. $39.00
    12-24VDC Remote Controlled Dimmer $39.00 includes controller and remote.
  6. $243.00

    Switchex for 12VDC LEDs

    Select capacity, 40W (3.3A) or 60W (5A)

    40W $189.00 60W $225.00