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Mattone Mini Standard and Architectural Grade 120VAC Input LED Step Lights

Fits in a single gang box in either a horizontal or vertical position. A very nice variety of finishing options are available to match your specific needs. The small footprint of these LED step lights makes it ideal for many pathway applications, indoors or outdoors.

Mattone Mini Standard LED Step Lights

mattone mini standard LED step lights

Mattone Mini Architectural Grade Step Lights

mattone mini architectural grade step lights
mattone mini light engine

Mattone Mini LED Light Engine

It all begins with the light engine. Light output 60 lumens (can vary with faceplate model). Beam angle 110°. CCT 3200K. It is important to note ambient temperature rating (4° F to 122 °F.) as exceeding these limits will damage the LED chips and reduce the total lamp life, lumen output, and possibly affect color consistency. Fits into a single gang box (not included).

{ Download Full Spec Sheet ] [ Download Installation Guide ]

Mattone Mini Step Light Standard Options

Trim Plate

trim plate

Horizontal Shroud

horizontal shroud

Vertical Shroud

vertical shroud



Lens Faceplate

Mattone Mini Step Light Architectural Grade Options

Trim Plate

trim plate

Horizontal Wave

horizontal wave

Vertical Wave

vertical wave

Vertacal Louver

vertical louver

Horizontal Louver

horizontal louver

Trims and faceplates are available in three finishes: dark bronze, powder white and brushed nickel. Be sure to order your trim and face plates from the same category as they are not interchangeable.

Order the Light Engine

There is just one light engine for both standard and architectural grade.

$72.00 each

Order Standard Options

Trim Plate is a required part. $9.95, select finish

Faceplate Options: Horizontal or Vertical Louver, Horizontal or Vertical Shroud, or Lensed.

Order Architectural Options

Trim plate is required $16.25, select finish

Faceplate Options: Horizontal or Vertical Louver, Horizontal or Vertical Wave

Allow about 1 week lead time for these products. Coming soon, a larger version of this LED step light

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